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Fastest, Shortest, or Laziest?

Your place, or mine?  Fastest or shortest route? Those are questions we are use to. Now there is a new question: How much do you want to drive, and how much should the car drive autonomously? At least that is a question VW poses in US patent application US20170219364 which published earlier this week. The idea […]

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Automated vehicle rideshare into secure areas.

GM is apparently thinking hard about rideshare technology. In patent application US20170213403 they are concerned with dropping passengers off in areas that require security clearance. The idea seems legit. But also somewhat demanding: A vehicle that transports a passenger automatically to a drop-off location that requires a security clearance would have to authenticate all passengers on […]

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Patent applications address distracted driving (Mazda)

Similar claims are presented in three Mazda patent applications 20170203688, 20170203689 and 20170202501. 1. A driving assistance system comprising: a distracted driving sensing unit configured to determine whether or not a driver is distracted from driving; an alerting unit configured to alert, if the distracted driving sensing unit has determined the driver to be distracted from […]

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Third Party Submissions: They work!

Being accused of patent infringement is an expensive place to be. The accused infringer has options, but all of them are costly. One option is to initiate an Inter Partes Review (IPR) to invalidate the accuser’s patent, which can cost $100k just to initiate the proceedings. A complete IPR proceeding through PTAB hearing can cost […]

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