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What we Do

Design Patents

A design patent protects the appearance of a physical or virtual object. We have obtained dozens of them for our clients.

Utility Patents

We draft and prosecute patent applications for clients in Detroit and around the world. Our specialties are electronics, mechanical, software and optics.

Invention solicitation

We help discover inventions. We work directly with engineering teams to understand what they have invented – before they know it.

We do more than file and prosecute patents: We make a difference for our clients.


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Applications filed


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Percent Allowance Rate

German Engineering meets Patent Law

Technical Expertise


We draft optics patent applications with hands-on experience in automotive camera design.



Let’s talk inventor to inventor: We know electronics – and hold dozens of our own patents.



USPTO Design examiners can be very picky. We know, based on experience.



Many of the applications we file have some mechanical background.


Passionate about perfection

Patent Practitioners


Axel Nix

Founder & President

Axel founded Smartpat in 2007. He holds a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University in Darmstadt, Germany. Axel came to Detroit in 2000 for General Motors, and never left. He has been a registered US patent agent since 2006. He has prosecuted patent applications in many different technology areas and is an expert in automotive electronics, infotainment systems, and autonomous vehicles.

We are keeping overhead low to offer our clients better prices

Cost Examples

Design Patent


Flat Rate: Design Patent Application

  • Drafting and electronic filing
  • Drawings (up to 7 views)
  • Government fee ($380) included
  • Assignment
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Low Complexity Utility Application


Flat rate: Low complexity application.

  • Drafting specification: Up to 10 pages.
  • Drafting up to 10 claims
  • Up to 3 drawings.
  • USPTO filing fees for a small entity
  • Assignment
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Medium Complexity Utility Application


Flat rate: Medium complexity application.

  • Drafting specification: Up to 20 pages.
  • Drafting up to 20 claims
  • Up to 10 drawings.
  • USPTO filing fees for a small entity
  • Assignment
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We write about autonomous vehicle patents and other interesting topics.


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