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Automated vehicle rideshare into secure areas.

GM is apparently thinking hard about rideshare technology. In patent application US20170213403 they are concerned with dropping passengers off in areas that require security clearance. The idea seems legit. But also somewhat demanding: A vehicle that transports a passenger automatically to a drop-off location that requires a security clearance would have to authenticate all passengers on board, which will likely present a significant security challenge in itself. But still, the idea is intriguing and illustrates what kind of problems automated vehicles will have to face, such as stopping for a vehicle inspection. How will an automated vehicle handle the verbal instruction by a police officer to pull over for a secondary inspection?

GM’s main claim: A method comprising: receiving a ride request for a vehicle based transportation system, the ride request identifying a passenger, a pickup location, and a destination location; determining that the passenger requires user-specific security clearance to access a secured area at or near the destination location; and coordinating with a security system to grant the user-specific security clearance to the passenger.