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USPTO rejects correct use of SI units

A recently filed certificate of correction request was denied in part. The USPTO provided the following explanation for the denial: Period is missing after C (Celsius)/F (Fahrenheit) […]. Also the degree sign should be flush the proceeding number not the “C”. […] This does not conform to our data capture style rules from the USPTO. […]

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Design Patent Prosecution: Practice Tips

We recently looked through dozens of design patents that entered the US under the Hague system and went either abandoned or were allowed after amendment. Based on what we have found we prepared a Practice-Tip: US Design Patent Prosecution. The practice tips highlights five common issues that lead to the rejection of a design patent application […]

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Difference in thinking

Reading patent applications related to autonomous vehicles reveals interesting differences in thinking. On the one hand are the Silicon Valley players which at times seem to reinvent what the car manufacturers and their tier 1 suppliers have already invented years ago. And on the other hand the traditional OEMs are solving problems that the newcomers […]

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PLADAR: Planar Lidar

Uber is seeking to patent a planar Lidar sensor – with a very broad claim: “A planar-beam, light detection and ranging (PLADAR) system, the PLADAR system comprising: a laser scanner emitting a planar-beam; and a detector array to detect reflected light from the planar beam.” The basic concept is based on a recognition that using […]

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